About Abattoir Fresh

Abattoir Fresh is Nigeria’s leading online meat shop. We sell various types of meat in different sizes. Our meats are hygienically prepared in a good environment.

Abattoir Fresh ensures that meat bought from us conform to international standard

We offer butchers and consumers meats, offsite sales of peppered Guinea fowl and catering of Meat and Chicken Burgers to customers in small or large quantities. We supply fresh Beef, Offals, Lamb, Mutton (Ram), Goat, Snail, Guinea Fowl, Chicken and Turkey.

At Abattoir Fresh, our watchword is excellence in quality service delivery, a culture which has set us apart from the crowd as leaders in the butchery industry .  We are the preferred choice for the following reasons

  • Fresh Meat Guaranteed
  • Competitive and Affordable Prices
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Hygienically Prepared
  • Best Shopping Experience
  • Safe and Secured Payment Option